Why Isn't health more important?

Sunday, November 20, 2011 - 19:27
Why isn’t health more important?


I’ve keep wondering exactly why health isn’t more important to more people (and by more people I mean EVERYONE!).  I go thru life watching young, middle aged and the older set being overweight, sluggish and generally having a hard time moving around and I just can’t understand why people don’t personally put more emphasis on being healthier.  I can’t come up with anything that is more important; family, job etc, I’m sure are at the top of everyone’s list but all are dependent on your health.

Most people put a lot of time and effort into thinking about what/where they are going to eat their next meal, what kind of clothes they are going to buy, what type of car to drive and even what TV show to watch, but not about taking care of their physical being, (which also helps you’re mental being).  Not much thought on how bad that loaf of bread or those cheese fries are for them, not much thought as to why their back or hips or knees bother them every time the stand or pick something up.

I know some people try.  They try and get to the gym and get on a treadmill or hit the nautilus machines and get in some sort of workout, maybe they even go for a run a few times a week.  That’s all good and I applaud them for at least taking some initiative.  These folks are much better off than those doing nothing and just sitting around ignoring the weight gain, mobility loss and the inevitable list of degenerative disease onset, but to be honest even a lot of them are just wasting their time because they keep doing the same things and not getting much in the way of results…..  I think it was Einstein who said “ the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results”.  Why not put some time and effort into figuring out what would work best?  That’s what you’d do if you were looking for a good restaurant!

I understand that there are sometimes reasons (read: EXCUSES) for not exercising or eating properly; no time, gym is too expensive, I don’t like veggies or “I could never give up pasta” etc…. But we have time to watch our favorite TV shows and the extra cash for latte’s and as for nutrition, those are just choices!  You are choosing not to eat right and exercise, period!

I believe everybody wants to be healthy and fit.  In this age we will, god willing, live the majority of our lives in the over 40 years.  This means that the quality of our lives is highly dependent on our health.  Nobody wants to not be able to enjoy things in there 50’s, 60’s and older because they have trouble moving around.  Nobody wants to be in a nursing home in their 70’s or 80’s because they have lost functional movement.  When we are young, we want to look good in a bathing suit.  As we age it’s about being able to be active and enjoying life….  Everybody wants to be healthy, but few do much about it!

I recently read and article by Micheal Stanwyck of CrossFitLA   "Putting your life into Fitness" about how people try and squeeze fitness into their lives instead of squeezing life around their fitness.  It sounds crazy, but fitness and health are that important!  You could argue that there are few things, if any, that are more important.  Your health affects absolutely everything in your life so it should therefore take precedence over just about everything else.

Lets start making our health a priority!  Isn’t the ability to enjoy an active life more important that what’s for dinner?